Jetson AGX XAVIER / Jetpack 5.0.2 / pytorch1.12.0

hello, I install the torch-1.12.0a0+2c916ef.nv22.3-cp38-cp38-linux_aarch64.whl on Jetpack 5.0.2, but I got a error:
ERROR: torch-1.12.0a0+2c916ef.nv22.3-cp38-cp38-linux_aarch64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.
I use the conda env and the python version is 3.8.

Hi @user134616, just curious - does it work if you try installing it outside of conda?

What about if you explicitly use pip3?

I install torch outside the conda(miniforge) and it works well. But if the Jetpack version is 4.6.1, it can installed in conda(miniforge).
Besides, I uninstall miniforge and install Archiconda, I can install torch in miniforge and it works well.
Is there anything worry in miniforge and Jetpack5.0.2 ?

I’m sorry, I don’t have experience using conda or miniforge on Jetson/aarch64, but perhaps others from the community will be able to share their experience or you could search for prior threads about it.

Thank you!

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