Jetson Agx Xavier login loop issue

I first time powered Jetson AGX Xavier. Set it up my login details and logged-off.
When tried to re-login, its not accepting my password.
I tried to go into command console by pressing ALT+CTRL+F3.
command console opened and asking my login details again.
I provide login details but its not accepting my password.

Can anyone please help me how to login again>


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Tom K

I hate to say it, but if there is nothing important on the Jetson (and probably there is not since it was just first boot), then you will find the quickest and easiest thing to do is to flash it again.

Hey Buddy, is there any procedure on how to reflash it ? i’ll be greatful if you help me with the procedure…

One would normally use JetPack/SDK Manager from an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC while the Jetson is connected via the USB-C to the host, and the Jetson is in recovery mode (if you hold the recovery button down like a “shift key”, during power on or power reset, then let go of the recovery button, the Jetson will go to recovery mode). JetPack/SDKM can be found here:

Install that on the host PC, then start SDKM via either “sdkmanager” for the current release, or to see older versions, use “sdkmanager --archivedversions”.

Follow the app. You can uncheck installing components to the host PC (especially if it doesn’t have an NVIDIA GPU or you are not developing from the PC). Be sure to have a monitor/keyboard attached to the Jetson, or else serial console so that you can complete first boot setup (to create an admin user login).

@linuxdev Thanks for this detailed steps.
I manage to install SDKmanager on my host PC.
But target hardware = Not detected.

I am using linux v18.04 on vistualbox and AGX is in recovery mode.
Any suggestion?
I have two agx but output is same.

VMs are not supported. VMs need extra setup to correctly pass through the USB (which disconnects and reconnects during flash). You would need to consult your VM documentation or support to make sure the recovery mode Jetson is passed through (this is out of the range of control of NVIDIA software).

@linuxdev Thanks alot… let me sort it out… really appreciate your support mate. Being new to this platform, m trying to understand the system which may lead to some stupid questions sometime. Kindly excuse me in that case.

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