Jetson AGX Xavier MIPI CSI Camera Gstwebrtc

Hello everyone
I need to realize real-time video stream transmission and text data transmission based on webrtc. The local source of the video stream is the SCI camera of the AGX Xavier development board. The server-side function has been implemented. However, the client based on Google Chrome cannot be implemented because it cannot open and read the video stream of the CSI camera.
1、 The package name provided by Nvidia is xxx, which can only support USB cameras. Can it support CSI cameras after modification?
2、 In the L4T path of Jetson AGX Xavier:
3. Does the above gstwebrtc indicate that the system already includes the gstwebrtc library?
4. How should I use the gstwebrtc library and is there a related manual
Thank you all

For CSI camera need to use nvarguscamerasrc as source element.
Have a reference to below link.

thank you !