Jetson AGX Xavier Modul may overheat

I have a question regarding an AI Embedded Box PC. This contains a Jetson AGX Xavier module. Unfortunately, the PC overheats. The PC has no operating system or BIOS. Is there a “simple” way to test whether the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module is working properly and isn’t overheating itself?

Jetpack Version is 4.6

Thanks for your help

If you mean it can’t boot, but you want to know if the hardware functions, then you can boot it in recovery mode. Following this it would show up with “lsusb” on a host PC if the correct USB cable is connected. Recovery mode would not use much power and thus is unlikely to overheat, and so this should be a way to at least partially validate function. Whenever you do boot it, and need help, it is good to include a serial console boot log.

I think I expressed myself wrong. But I may have found a solution to my problem. Will test tomorrow whether this also works with the Jetson AGX Xavier module.

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