Jetson AGX Xavier module Keeps on rebooting after OS installation


We have designed carrier boar for NVIDIA jetson AGX xavier module. I have changed the pinmux as per our midplane and flashed the OS in to module. But after flashing the module keeps on rebooting.Reboot_Issue.txt (292.6 KB)

Can you please check and let us know why it is rebooting.

At the end of the log I see:

[0002.021] E> I2C: Timeout while polling for bus clear. Last value 0x00000000.
[0002.021] E> I2C: Failed to clear bus for instance 6.
[0002.022] E> I2C: Failed to clear bus for instance 6.
[0002.023] E> I2C_DEV: Failed to initialize instance 6.
[0002.028] E> read_edid, invalid i2c handle
[0002.036] I> hdmi_enable, starting HDMI initialisation
[0002.041] I> hdmi_enable, HDMI initialisation complete
[0002.051] I> Load in CBoot Boot Options partition and parse it
[0002.051] E> Cannot read beyond partition boundary for CPUBL-CFG
[0002.053] E> tegrabl_read_cbo Failed to read CPUBL-CFG partition
[0002.059] W> platform_init: tegrabl_read_cbo failed with error 0xd0d0104
[0002.066] I> Hit any key to stop autoboot:

Modern monitors use a “DDC” wire to send monitor configuration to the GPU driver. This wire uses the i2c protocol, and the data itself is EDID.

It appears the i2c (reading of the EDID data on the DDC wire) is not working, and then you hit a partition read error. I’d recommend double checking your device tree to know that the i2c associated with the monitor is correctly configured, and that the storage device from which the device tree is read is also set up correctly.

It won’t matter if the partition is causing i2c failure, or if device tree is causing i2c failure, but the result would probably show up in a similar way regardless of which is the cause (either way i2c would be problem). Normally I would not mention the partition setup, but the part about “tegrabl_read_cbo Failed to read CPUBL-CFG partition” failing might be a storage retrieval failure causing a failure of device tree even if the device tree is valid.

You can examine the current device tree by browsing in “/proc/device-tree” (this is not a real directory, it is the currently running device tree which the driver is presenting as a filesystem). If your device tree changes are in place and can be verified, then you probably don’t have to worry about a partition read failure causing the i2c/EDID failure (this doesn’t mean a read failure is not important for other reasons).

hello mgopi7416448813,

may I know which JetPack release you’re based-on.
had you also download the pinmux spreadsheets via download center for customization?
please also share the flash commands you’re used to update pinmux configuration.

Thanks for the reply, issue solved. There was some error in target files.