Jetson agx xavier not booting


I have a problem with Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit 32 GB. Not boot to system. after flashing success system automatic restart and show logo nvidia then a black screen is displayed. if install jetson pack v.4.1.1 system stuck on boot loop

I cannot continue with the steps in the image link. Because there is no username,password. Caused by the system does not boot

Issue 2

Choose Automatic Setup with SDK Manager


Failed to use ‘Automatic setup’. Please try again or change to ‘Manual setup’ to continue.

I have a question.

By default the Nvidia jetson AGX xavier fan will work or not.
I suspect there is a problem with my device not working.

Please move to new release like jetpack4.5.1…
Jetpack 4.1.1 is old and we don’t guarantee if there would be any issue or not. Even though there is issue, we would still suggest you to use jetpack 4.5.1.

Please dump the log from serial console.

Could you paste those logs as attachment…?


We need the log from device but not the host side log.

how to get log from device

I already shared that in that link. You need to dump the log from uart serial console.

i get log from minicom run
minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0 -8 -b 115200
not show output logs

Not ttyACM0…

Please check this post.

Thanks a lot for your help

Please see the device log attached.
jetsonAGX_log (31.2 KB)

Thank you

Do you use any of hdmi adapter/converter on your port? Your device boots into kernel but with many display driver error.

yes i using a converter adapter hdmi to vga.
Is the device supported?
if not supported.
Why is it possible to show the nvidia logo at booting?

The kernel does not support adapters.
The bootloader may have chance to open it but the kernel does not. That is why you can see logo but not after it enters kerenl.

Please try to find a native HDMI monitor.

Hello @chalermwut

I encountered the same situation with a kvm switch. I solved this issue temporarily with these steps:

  • Unplug the HDMI converter cable
  • Boot up the AGX Xavier
  • After a few seconds later (at least 10 seconds) connect the HDMI converter cable

Hope it works for you, too

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Thanks a lot for your help.

My device is working now.

Thanks you.