Jetson AGX Xavier not displaying


I am using jetson AGX Xavier suddenly the screen disappeared

After turning on the power, the nvidia log will be displayed, and then the following will be displayed.
cp: not writing through dangling sylink'etc / resolv.conf
cgroup: cgroup2: unknown option "nsdelegate"
random: crng init done
random: 7 urandom warning (s) missed due to rate limiting
using random self ethernet address
using random host ethernet address
using random self ethernet address
using random host ethernet address

after searching on forum we made the xavier in force recovery mode now we don’t know what to do next as no display is showing on screen using HDMI cable

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Just as a starting point, realize that:

  • Those errors, except for the self address, tend to be normal and not actually errors. It means the unit actually booted most of the way, but you need a serial console boot log to post here before much can be said. Obviously video has issues, but much of the system is working. Serial console log is mandatory.
  • The part of random self ethernet address is a problem. Is this a developer kit? If so, then flashing is needed. If not, then something similar is needed, but using software specific to that carrier board.
  • Recovery mode simply puts the Jetson in a simplified mode capable of being used to flash the Jetson. Once in recovery mode you could clone first if you have anything valuable, but basically you would then use JetPack/SDK Manager to flash.
  • Be sure to exactly specify what carrier board it is (or if a dev kit, then this tells us which carrier board), how it is connected to the network, and that serial console boot log. Then much more can be understood.
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Thank-You for replying back to query.
We are using Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and its display is not detected via the remote desktop NoMachine and direct connection of xavier to screen via the HDMI cable.
We have the option of flashing but we have very critical and sensitive data in our jetson xavier and we don’t want to lose that.
We used Gtkterm to access serial console log.

Can you please guide us regarding what to do next?

The NoMachine is a third party app which should not be related to local display unless the installation made some configuration change. I will suggest not using NoMachine until you know everything local works and you have a backup clone.

I’m not where I have access to my notes, but the next step would be to clone. In recovery mode the rootfs can be cloned. I don’t remember the exact clone command, can someone add that to the thread for the AGX dev kit?

The screenshot of the Desktop directory won’t be useful, but a full serial console boot log will help a lot. Serial console could also be used to dump the “/var/log/Xorg.0.log” (be sure to do so when the local HDMI monitor is connected).

Also, has the local display ever worked since adding NoMachine?

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We have been using jetson xavier AGX Developer kit for the past 9 months.
we have never faced such an issue. We are not using NoMachine anymore and we have been connecting xavier direct to the screen via the HDMI Cable. After NVIDIA logo it is still showing the black screen.
when we attached keyboard directory to xavier we saw this error.

@linuxdev thanks for assistance
I Have followed this thread
Xavier Cloning - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

is there any way to solve this problem without cloning and flashing.
Additionally we are using Ubuntu 18.04 in our Jetson AGX xavier Developer kit

If there is no data you need to preserve, then no need to clone.

In theory you could somehow manually remove NoMachine and any changes caused by this and it might work again. In terms of practical possibilities I suspect you must flash. Without the Xorg.0.log there isn’t much possibility of finding out if something simpler would work.

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we want to preserve our data and we would like to clone it. Can you tell us the steps to clone the jetson agx xavier developer kit.

Not related to the clone. But if you want us to help check why the desktop does not show up, you can share the /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

And just in case you don’t know, your issue is not “system fails to boot up”, but just “desktop fails to launch”.
Which means any other console is still able to access and operate the board. Use that to dump the log.

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And for the clone.


The video doesn’t help much. Most of the log is not visible. I can see an unusual keyboard error, but no way to debug. Keyboard is part of the input module, and dynamically loads the way NVIDIA’s video module does. If the module being loaded has an ABI version mismatch, then load fails. This is typical of mixing content from two different servers which use different ABI releases. Likely you have one set of incorrect module overwriting another. I am not certain this is it, but chances are you are going to have to get everything reinstalled.

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Please always share your log as a text file… using image or video is not really good for other people to read…

Thank you very much
issue has been resolved
It may sound weird but I deleted some files and run command sudo apt update after that xavier started showing display

apt-update or apt-upgrade?


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