Jetson AGX Xavier only showing '_' blinking after nvidia logo. How can i copy my important files from jetson, if it is stuck like that?

My jetson agx xavier after showing NVIDIA logo, it only shows the dash blinking and nothing will display. How can i get my datas or important files in my jetson back? I just want to copy those files out

Anyone help?

Use the serial console to check for activity and error messages. For the DevKit there is an MicroUSB Port for this.

Your data is on the internal EMMC? Then mount an NVME SSD into the M.2 Key M slot and flash your Jetpack onto this SSD. You should then be able to mount the first EMMC partition and access your data. And in case this happens again you can remove this SSD and access your data from another computer with a free M.2-M slot.