Jetson AGX Xavier PCIe

We connected a PCIe network card lan7430 to the PCIe controller 3 of AGX Xavier. We set the status of C3 in the device tree to “okay”, and pinmux is also reused as a PCIe function. But we can’t scan LAN743x with lspci. We can ensure that the LAN743x chip has worked. What configuration does the device tree or cfg file need to do to support C3 external PCIe network card devices?

We use R35.2.1 L4T version


C3 on Xavier devkit is the M.2 Key E Connector which should be enabled by default. I don’t think you even need to enable C3 by yourself. Are you sure you really put the device on C3?

Our LAN7430 PCIe NIC is connected to these PINs and this controller should be C3?

Is that card able to get detected if you are using devkit?

We are using lan7430 in SMD package, so we can only use it on carrier board of our own design, but lspci can’t recognize lan7430. below is the configuration of our device tree for C3, is it correct?

No idea. It is unlikely to just know “this deivce tree is wrong” by reading the device tree itself.
Sometimes it is the device itself that has special requirement to run. For example, some card requires some specific gpio to enable.

If possible, try other devices on your C3 as well.

Some debug tips here though they are from Orin, they could be applied to Xavier debug too.

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