Jetson agx xavier repeated restart after burn by

Hi nvidia:
I download origin L4T(R32.7.3) tarball and build it without any change. I build L4T refering to know there is a little difference with the online official documents(
I can build it OK and succuessfully burn image to agx xavier.But in the startup of xavier it repeated restart when show nvidia logo and some log as following:

In my xavier toolkit,the serial port(pin 6,8,10) on the extend 40 pin does not output.So there is no more information to provide.So if i want to enable the debug serial,is some extern config need to add to L4T such as

As for the case of xavier repeated restart based on origin L4T,Pls help to advise,thanks!


is there any reason you have to use r32? Can you give the latest r35 a try?

Regarding serial connection, I think you can use the micro USB port.

Hi DaveYYY:
Sorry,I don’t have it on hand.

What do you mean? Are you talking about the L4T version, or the micro USB port?
Also, I don’t think you have to re-compile the kernel if don’t make any changes to it.
Just use the one in our BSP.

Just what i mentioned is the micro USB port.I misunderstand your responce message.Now i learn r35 is the version of L4T.
Do you think R35 is certainly OK? I will try it soon.

Are you using a custom carrier board? Otherwise, you should have a micro USB port available on your AGX Xavier DevKit.

Also, if you are using a custom carrier board, usually you need to turn off reading the EEPROM from it:

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