Jetson AGX Xavier unable to connect to host

I have a jetson xavier connected to an Aetina AX720 series carrier board. I am attempting to flash the board but am struggling to get it connected to the host computer.

I have connected the board to the host by usb-c and put it into recovery mode but the device is not appearing when using the lusb check through the host.

I have confirmed that the usb port and cable work since I can charge my phone through them. The device appears to be in recovery mode because before connecting to the host, I connected directly to a monitor. The monitor lit up with the NVIDIA screen but didn’t continue any further. When switched to recovery mode, the NVIDIA screen no longer shows up.

I’m now stuck and not sure what to do, any advice would be welcome!


What’s Ubuntu OS version on your host PC?

I’m currently using 20.04.

I originally downloaded 22.04 but realised I needed the previous version to download the SDK manager.

Is it possible that my USB-C cables don’t have the data transfer capabilities needed? I’ve tried a few different cables but they all either came with phones or laptops as chargers so may have low data transfer rates. I’m not sure if that could cause issues?

Most USB-C cables work reasonably well, unlike the micro-B USB cables. It is still possible the cable is at fault if it is one which is only used for charging, but if that is the case, then I’d expect it would still show up from “lsusb” in recovery mode, followed by failing during flash if it is just a marginal cable. Your best information is from a serial console dump as it starts up, or during flash; that’s the micro-B USB port on a dev kit, but I don’t know what your carrier board provides.

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