Jetson AGX XAVIER with jetpack 4.6 installs torch and cuda

Hi all,
Are any alternative ways to install ‘torch==1.10.0+cu113’ and ‘torchvision==0.11.1+cu113’ and ‘torchaudio==0.10.0+cu113’ in Jetson AGX Xavier? I prefer to use Anaconda to set configuration environment of compiler.

I tried to find some files with .whl in ‘’, but there are all files for Linux(x86_64) and windows, that is there are not files for Jetson AGX Xavier. Is any one able to help me to solve this problem? Any advice would be appreciate.


Please check the following document to install PyTorch on Jetson:


Thank you for your reply.

I just found that pytorch version is equal or greater than 1.11.0 rather than 1.10.0 in your provided link. So do you have the pytorch1.10.0 for Jetson AGX with python3.8 ?

And do you know how to install cuda11.3 with python3.8 for Jetson AGX ? I am using conda to set a virtual environment with python3.8. I hope the cuda11.3 is able to be installed in the virtual environment.


For Xavier, please use JetPack 4.6.x for CUDA 10.2 or JetPack 5.0.x DP for CUDA 11.4.
If python3.8 is preferred, you may try JetPack 5 since it is Ubuntu 20.04 with the default python 3.8.

For the non-supported PyTorch version, you can build it from the source.
The detailed steps can be found in the below topic:


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