Jetson AI specialist project submitted but no feedback for two months

Hi, I have successfully completed Jetson AI Fundamentals Course and received a certificate. Then I made a final project and submitted it to Jetson AI Specialist form. It has been about two months and I have not recieved a feedback nor a certificate. I didn’t even recieve a mail of confirmation.

Could you please confirm if my submission was received and grading is still in process, or if it wasn’t received at all due to some bug?

Hi @jjateen97, sorry about that - I was able to find your submission, and sent your certificate to your email. Good job on your project and thanks for going the extra mile with the GPIO integration!

Thanks a lot for your help @dusty_nv , but I haven’t recieved the certificate yet, will you please retry on sending it on It’s the same mail id I used for registration.

OK gotcha - I just resent it, try checking you email again. If you still didn’t get it, I will try sending it to you another way.

Got it, thanks to you again 😄

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