Jetson AI Specialist project submitted, but no feedback received for 20 days

Hi, I have successfully completed Jetson AI Fundamentals Course and received a certificate, after which I have completed a final project and submitted it via form (all field were filled correctly). However, it has been 20 days since, and I have not received a feedback nor certificate, not even any sort of email confirmation.

Could you please confirm if my submission was received and grading is still in process, or if it wasn’t received at all due to some bug?

UPD: The project was submitted on February 1st.

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Welcome to the forums. This will require someone from the DLI team to assist. I have forwarded this to the team for a look.

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Hi @hsheimbuch1, sorry for the delay - I just sent your Jetson AI Specialist certificate to your email. Good job on your project!

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