Jetson ALC5639 Audio CODEC Specs?

Although the Jetson board has only a 2-channel output, I’m interested in processing and analyzing 8-channel audio (basic FFT and mixing). I’ve been unable to find specification actual hardware support, but if it is like some of the Tegra 3 I’ve seen, then it does support Intel Hi-def up to 8 channels.

Does anyone here have a link to a more detailed spec of the Jetson’s ALC5639 audio?

I saw some links saying that it’s the same chip as the Shield, which does 8 channels over HDMI.

But, if you just want to process multiple channels and not output multiple channels, I’d imagine that would be more process-thread-based than audio-channel-based.

Both are needed. Trying to evaluate some different ways of dealing with lossy networking (reconstructing after loss) in both voice and 7.1 surround sound systems. Most likely the human side will be with surround sound headphones (not a really great test, but does not require the test device to have surround sound connections). Part of the problem I’ve run into before is that the Intel High-Def does not require 8 channels to actually be supported.

It seems that the datasheet for ALC5639 is not publicly available. I guess you could always try asking from Realtek, even if the odds are small.