Jetson board TX2 ubuntu login is not working untill remotly access by different system team viewer

I installed ubuntu 16.04 in jetson board tx2. Then i installed Team viewer host 14 on that and remotly access jetson board from different system(ubuntu 16.04 with team viewer).Every thing works smoothly but one strange thing happen. My jetson board ubuntu login is not working even with correct password untill unless I remotly access the jetson board for the first time after rebooting it from different system(ubuntu 16.04 with team viewer).

I installed ubuntu 16.04 in jetson board tx2.

Does it mean you are using rel-28.x release?
Have you tried to enable autologin in ubuntu and see if teamviewer can bypass this error?

How to do auto login i dont know. can you show me the path

I am asking is it a natural process whatever i am facing or only in my case it is there?

I couldn’t say for sure, but anything involving Team Viewer interacting with the login manager probably is not specific to the Jetson itself. Normally the login manager runs as root (or some other admin user), and upon successful login, the login manager replaces itself with an SUID of the new user running a display manager (login manager is an app which more or less has the job of overwriting itself with a desktop display software in most cases should authorization allow it). It is quite possible that the first login does something to produce temporary content which Team Viewer requires, e.g., generating the “~/.Xauthority” file, or replacing an old “~/.Xauthority” file.

My advice would be to research (or ask the Team Viewer support) whether there is a way to debug a Team Viewer failure to work with the login manager, e.g., maybe there is further configuration required, or perhaps a way to trace the failure. As an example, if you can first login without ssh (since you said this causes success), using something like serial console and/or a different user, monitor the following and see what they say during the fail:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
sudo tail -f /var/log/kern.log
sudo tail -f /var/log/auth.log