Jetson Camera Module Design

Hello all of you interested in this Topic ;-)

I am a 21 years old student from Germany and I recently bought a Jetson TX1
and I am currently designing a Carrier Board for an autonomously flying drone.

But now my problem(s):
I want to connect 2 CSI 2-lane Cameras and 1 CSI 4-lane Camera.
I know how to connect the CSI-lanes but how do I have to connect the MCLK, CAM_RST, and CAM_PWDN as there are just two of each available?
How do I have to connect the RESET pin on the TCA9548A (I2C MUX)?

I can slightly remember having read about this in some datasheet but I can’t find that specific.

Thank you for your help

Are you designing you carrier card? If you design your carrier card, you may want to include GPIO expanders for CAM_RST’s and CAM_PWDN’s. You can share MCLKs for more than one camera.

If you use Auvdiea J100, you can refer J100 manual: