Jetson Check Error (SError) at startup


At startup i receive always the jetson Machine Check Error (SError).

The SError at boot looks like this ( you can find this if you dl the log ):

[ 7.574397] CPU0: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x600000c5, mpidr=80000100, esr=bf40c000
[ 7.574399] CPU5: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x600000c5, mpidr=80000103, esr=bf40c000
[ 7.574402] CPU4: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x600000c5, mpidr=80000102, esr=bf40c000
[ 7.574404] CPU3: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x600000c5, mpidr=80000101, esr=bf40c000
[ 7.574431] CPU2: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x20000000, mpidr=80000001, esr=be000000

I have upload the log but i thinks there will be rma process…

Thanks in advance.

log_serror.txt (129.5 KB)

Are you using devkit or with customer carrier board?
Which JetPack SW you’re using?

We use devkit.
The SW jetpack used is Jetson Linux 32.6.1.
For your information, we’ve had no problems with other cards using the same procedure.

If you are using the devkit, I would suggest verifying with the latest R32.7.4.
Do you mean only one module would hit this issue?

All our development is based on 32.6.1, and upgrading to the latest 32.7.4 version will cause compatibility problems.
This is impossible for us, as all our jetson boards work very well in 32.6.1, except her.

Since you are using the devkit, it would be easy upgrading to R32.7.4 with SDKM to verify.

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