Jetson_clocks interpretation of IdleStates


I understand that jetson_clocks maximise the clocks according nvpmodel but I would like to understand the “IdleStates: C1=1 c7=1”.

The values “IdleStates” change with jetson_clocks application from “IdleStates: C1=1 c6=1 c7=1” to “C1=0 c6=0 c7=0”

This allow or not the CPU to take a break / Idle? There is an impact on overheating?

Thanks for your help.

hello DavidC21,

I don’t understand your question clearly. will maximize CPU, GPU and EMC clocks to the static maximum frequencies.
you may refer to Supported Modes and Power Efficiency for the different modes for NVPModel clock configuration.

please also enable tegrastats utility, which reports memory usage and also processor usage for checking.

Hello JerryChang, sorry for my question. My original question / goal is to understand the “IdleStates: C1=1 c7=1” into “jetson_clocks --show”.

According the document “Supported Modes and Power Efficiency”:

  • C1 Clock gating
  • C6 Virtual retention (power gating and architecture state restored by MTS)
  • C7 Power gating

Now, my question is: with “jetson_clocks”, these values change from “C1=1 c6=1 c7=1” to “C1=0 c6=0 c7=0”. What’s meaning?

Thanks for your help.

hello DavidC21,

it’s the status reporting, which means enable/disable the core state.
please access Tegra X2 Technical Reference Manual from Jetson Download Center,
for example,
you might refer to [Chapter-21.4.8 Performance and Power Tuning Guidelines] for the descriptions of clock gating and also power gating.

Thanks for your help, I will read this Chapter.