Jetson completely nonfunctional --- no LEDs other than CVM power

Hi! So, I’m currently using an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 in a mobile robotics application. However, our Jetson has, as far as we can tell, stopped working. When we plug it in to the provided 19VDC power (verified correct with a multimeter), the red power LED (CVM Powered) next to the fan header lights up. However, the board does not boot when any of the buttons are pressed. None of the other lights (PCIE/SATA Powered, SOC, PWR) don’t flash nor turn on, the fans don’t spin, no monitor output, no USB devices can be seen from a host computer after the recovery mode key sequence, etc. Additionally, the GPIO pins (J21) as well as the pins of the USB 3 port are not powered. We’ve tried reseating the compute module and trying multiple different power supplies, to no avail. None of the components look damaged nor do any of the capacitors. The board wasn’t subject to any high vibration or shock environments (nothing past picking it up and carrying it around), nor was used with any power supply of a higher voltage than the provided 19VDC. Using a voltmeter to measure between VDD_IN and GND on the bare CVM connector on the carrier board yields 1.95 VDC. This is much below the recommended minimum of 5.5v (assuming I’m reading the datasheet correctly), leading me to believe the culprit lies within the development board’s voltage regulators.

Are there any troubleshooting steps we should take that we haven’t described, or is our Jetson completely toast?

Thanks for any help!

Does it power up with the original PSU supplied with the dev board?

The dev carrier board is very picky about supply power, it doesn’t like some DC-DC converters, the symptom is as you describe.

I had one I tried with various DCDC boards, bench supplies etc and wouldn’t turn on. Fine on original PSU or direct to batteries…

Just in case you want to replace the unit, the RMA information is near the top of this URL:

@law is correct about the sensitivity to PSU, but your description does sound like a power component failure on the carrier board (especially since it previously worked with that power unit). If you were to choose to purchase another dev kit without first trading in the old/failed unit, then you might be able to test swapping of carrier boards. Unfortunately it seems you cannot purchase a dev carrier board separately without the module. One advantage if you do have a second dev kit and the module itself is good is that you can clone the module before replacement, or perhaps NVIDIA would allow you to swap out just the dev board without module if you have reason to believe the module itself is good (such as working on a swapped out dev board)…don’t know for sure, you’d have to ask the RMA people. If you don’t need to preserve the content of the module eMMC, then I’d suggest just doing an RMA.

Nope, I’ve tried it with multiple PSUs everywhere from 12-19v, including the OEM one.

Thanks! I don’t have a second dev board on hand. Guess it’s RMA time. I’ll be picking up a carrier in the future, so I might see if I can just replace the dev board like described.

Thanks again for the help!