Jetson constantly goes back to login screen

Have had my Jetson for awhile and have not been able to really use it because it randomly wants to jump back to the linux login screen randomly. Some times it would be fine for a few to several minutes and other times it does it near constantly every minute or so to the point it’s unusable.

I am using the psu it came with. It was happening on 19.2 software it came with and I recently updated it from linux laptop to the new 19.3 release thinking that might solve the issue but it hasn’t helped at all. Did I receive a defective unit or is there anything else I can try? Thanks.

Which login screen? The graphical X11 screen, ssh, or serial console?

My guess is, faulty betadrivers. Mostly the “logouts” appear after mousemovements over foldersymbols or windowelements. You could try creating a new user. It is not a real solution, but makes working ok
~ish again. See here :

graphical, as though I logged out. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try it.

This is reported by people who are using Keyboard/Mouse which consume/draw more power from USB port, and due to heavy load than the USB port can support, the system behaves so.

Please provide kernel logs when this issue happens.

By having higher log levels enabled on your system using below commands

  1. sudo su
  2. echo 7 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk
  3. start doing your things like firefox or whatever
  4. when the issue is hit, pls post us the below logs files
    a) /var/log/dmesg,
    b) /var/log/syslog,
    c) /var/log/kern.log,
    d) /var/log/Xorg.0.log,
    e) log file generated by running command as root user

Also, provide the o/p generated by

cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

the above will give the details about which device is drawing more current than supplied by USB port

Maybe related and solved (for me) under 19.3:

The link you gave gives X log with bare real info to proceed with analysis,
Try to provide all the logs mentioned in Comment#2

Hello! When I power on the Jetson, I see this message: dispatcher disabled; and when I type Ubuntu to login, it comes back to login again and again.

Is this from serial console? Direct login? ssh?