Jetson container manifests: how to select a manifest at container launch?

System: Jetson Orin AGX, Jetpack 5, l4t r34.1

This relates to running containers on jetson:

I see the existing l4t manifest at /etc/nvidia-container-runtime/host-files-for-container.d/l4t.csv and this file appears to mount devices as expected. But I’m wondering–suppose I have a couple of custom manifest files with different devices, mounts, etc. and I want to select a specific manifest to launch one container, and perhaps a different one for another container–is this possible?

Does nvidia-container-runtime look this up based on the container’s name? or is it a label within the container? Or does it just apply all of them found in that folder?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mdeboer, all of entries from the CSV files under /etc/nvidia-container-runtime/host-files-for-container.d/ get mounted into containers derived from l4t-base when --runtime nvidia is used.

More specifically, I believe it’s the NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES=all environment variable that triggers the mounting to occur:

For your own uses, I would recommend using --volume or --mount command-line options when starting the container, as this will not require the user to configure their system correctly with the additional CSV files. Personally I commonly have container “run scripts” which launch the container with a bunch of flags such as these (for example, this one).

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