Jetson dev kit in commercial products


I’d like to know if there is any restriction on using TX1/TX2 dev kits in commercial products.


Hi trivikram_kumar, there aren’t limits in using the retail Jetson TX1 Developer Kit or Jetson TX2 Developer Kit, outside of regional wireless certs.

The only restriction is regarding the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit SE, which can only be purchased one unit per person, so that shouldn’t be in products.

Great. Thanks a lot for the info.

Can you please explain what’s “outside of regional wireless certs” ?


Different regions have different certification requirements for “must not generate too much interference” as well as for “which WiFi and Bluetooth frequencies are allowed with how much power.”
I believe NVIDIA makes no claims that the devkit boards are suitable for any particular requirements “as is” – you’d have to certify the end product yourself.

Alright. Thanks a lot.