Jetson device does not boot: last message is sh[5885]: CONTAINER ID IMAGE

We have an Xavier device. When it is powered up the unit. and it keeps power cycling through and never changes. Any suggestions? This device is deployed in the field and not feasible to re-flash. It was working well before.

Last message is: sh[5885]: CONTAINER ID IMAGE


I am not sure what does “keep power cycling” mean. Could you elaborate?

Could you share some details about your system? Never see such container ID Image error before.

Thanks Wayne. I mean after this message the system will reboot.

It’s an Xavier DevKit.

You should share more about it.
Detail means

  1. If this is pure jetapck or you’ve installed anything? Which jetpack is it based on?

  2. What was the usecase running on this device

  3. What I/O are in use on this device? Any peripherals?

  4. Could you share the log from uart console? If this board gets reboot, it means there should be a kernel panic or something else there. Only the UART log would show that.

Sure. Appreciate your help.

  1. Pure Jetpack. Version 4.3
  2. Use case was a computer vision scenario for detecting PPE and social distancing.
  3. Connected to a monitor and network
  4. I’ll ask the customer for this. How to access the uart console if the machine won’t boot up?

Uart console is the only way to precisely debug when system fails to fully boot up.

But please note that dumping this log requires a x86 ubuntu host. So you can even re-flash the board under such case.

Thanks Wayne. Will try this on Monday.