Jetson device recommendation

For my project of developing a module predicitive control for a PLC based control system to run machine learning model, I am thinking of using a jetson device for this use. I have some devices shortlisted and need most suitable recommendation:
1- NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development kit
2- AGX Xavier Industrial
3- AGX Xavier

I want to accumulate TB worth of data (time series) generate by the sensors, build model predictive control and perform inference that can communicated to control system. Should I use one of the above device to solely build end-to-end application (accumulating data, training and inference)? Any other possible solution by NVIDIA relevant to my use case (not a computer vision problem).
The control system can experience a weather between -40 to 40 throughout the year.

Sugges to refer to Jetson Benchmarks | NVIDIA Developer to know their system performance on inference.
Check the Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer for product cost.

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