Jetson devices join to k3s issue

Hi NVIDIA team,
We have three Jetson devices (Nano, TX2, GX Xavier) trying to join the k3s cluster but failed.
There are some suggestions on NVIDIA forum xt_multiport module to kernel build ). And Github issue #491 can explain our situation.
Still unsuccessful after these tests.
Do you have any recommendation about this application?

Someone share the way here.

Hi nVidia team,

There is a workaround mentioned below:

From k3s v0.9.1 to v0.10.0, a network policy function has been added,
but it works fine on pi3/pi4 with Raspbian OS,
will get “ipset v7.1: Kernel error received: Invalid argument” on jetson devices with JetPack 4.2.3.

It seems there are some system modules missing on jestion devices(e.g. “ip_set”, not very sure).

Will you have any plan for support this ?