Jetson / DFI Solution on robotic arm

Dear all,

I’m going to design a robotic arm, which can be used in commercial cooking business.

In the part of visual and data operation, Jetson scheme is intended to be used.

The other part, because the mechanical arm is controlled by industrial-grade PLC, the x86-based system is more mature, so I plan to use DFI EC70A-SU/KU to deal with it.

Anyone has a case study for integration between x86 systems and Jetson, thank you !

Hi @chinami556, perhaps you can expand more on what you are trying to integrate Jetson with. Is your aim to send video from the x86 system, and do processing on the Jetson? Generally video transport would be done over a network connection (ideally gigabit ethernet). Using the networking stacks (i.e. UDP/TCP) are pretty much the same between x86 and ARM. In many cases it would be similar to if you were sending the data between two x86 machines.

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Thank you guys !
It’s a good direction for me !