Jetson do not Boot

Jetson nano static on white screen nvidia logo, please help me.

Is this a out-of-box device?
Have you tried to flash the device with SDK manager?

You can also refer to Debug tips when you hit any issue (fail to boot/ keep reboot …etc) - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums to debug this issue by yourself.

the device stays at the nvidia logo screen, i can’t log in via ssh, Jetson nano developer kit, how to configure factory reset, what is the pin?

Your question has already been answered… “factory reset” means flashing the device with sdkmanager.

but I can not pass from logo screen, how to boot from sd card at start directly?

Sdkmanger is installed on another x86 pc. You need to put your jetson nano into recovery mode so that this another x86 pc can flash your jetson nano through USB.

Which means what happened on your jetson nano does not matter at all. Whether you can boot up or not does not matter to sdkmanager.

Use this two to flash your board


Thanks for your help

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