Jetson does not start

I bought jetson nano and set it up. When I turn on the power, a screen is displayed, but I cannot proceed from that screen. Why?


You’ll need to provide more information. Is this a dev kit, or a separate module on a third party carrier board? If this is a dev kit, then it needs the SD card with the correct software, so you might describe which software (for the SD card case) and what method you used to add the software (e.g., JetPack/SDKM versus Balena Etcher). In the case of the commercial module you’d need to provide which version you flashed (commercial modules come without any software).

I’m using NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 and downloaded it and wrote it to an SD card with balena Etcher-Portable-

@t.hirasawa I think your jetson has started and the desktop is openbox an the UI will appear like this. try connecting mouse and see if the cursor works. Then right click and you will see exit option and login back with LXDE option.

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