Jetson does NOT WORK!!!

I got a Jetson TX1,
I followed this tutorial, but nothing happens :(

1.Monitor hasn’t signal
2. Fan doesn’t start
3. keyboard doesnt highlight lit when I toggle NUMLOCK/CAPSLOCK on my keyboard.
4. I connected an ethernet cable but NO leds is lit.

600$ to trash!

It’s common for a video issue to not recognize a monitor, you may need to update. More on this below.

The fan does not normally run, the Jetson draws so little power it only kicks in under load. You might see a brief blip of fan activity for a fraction of a second right at the moment of power on.

Keyboard and ethernet might be a problem, but unless the base install was completed (the step in the video) after receiving the Jetson several things may appear to fail (the files licensed by nVidia are not installed to the Ubuntu distribution until the end customer runs the final install step).

About video…

Automatic configuration depends on the DDC/EDID channel being queried from the monitor to tell the system what is connected. In the case of older 15-pin VGA, there is no such wire, so nothing related to 15-pin VGA or adapters can be used without manual configuration

The automatic configuration also seems to fail for more monitors until the is run…which is a problem if you need video in order to run that step. The console would be there, but the monitor won’t display it. Note that when automatic configuration fails, video operates in a default mode. Many older or smaller monitors do not seem to support the default mode (I think it is something like 1920x1200).

You may be able to connect via ssh to log in and complete the step. You’ll have to know the address assigned from your router to do this, although flash can set it up for you and then you won’t need to look at the router. A serial console is very helpful on anything embedded, this is immune to video or network issues. See:

If it does turn out that you need to RMA, go here and look at the “RMA” instructions near the top:

If you choose to flash a newer version of Linux (L4T), you probably want to start with R23.2. See:

Hello, xrn:
Would you please do some basic hardware checking first?

  1. power supply. Please make sure that power supply works in correct voltage according to the tag (19V).
  2. If power supply is OK, after pressing the power button, LEDs near button will turn on.

Generally, the Jetson board should be pre-flashed correctly.
Also, you can re-flash the device according to Quick Start Guides @