Jetson EEPROM Layout clarification

I’m trying to use the tegra-eeprom-tool to set the ethernet MAC address of a Jetson Orin Nano 8GB devkit.
There is a broken sentence in the description, see:

“Customer-overwriteable MAC addresses.
If the value is NVCB and the version number in the system-level part number, the software builds device tree nodes for the customer-overwriteable MAC addresses.”

There is some part missing to make it an understandable English sentence. What about " the version number in the system-level part number"? What does it mean?

If I set bytes 172-177 to a meaningful value and the Number of Ethernet MAC addresses (byte 178) to “1” and then reboot the device, the MAC address does not change.

Can somebody please help me?

Already explained in this post. I would rather ask you to share which point you don’t get.

The mac address is decided by the vendor driver. If the PHY/NIC is from Realtek, then it is decided by Realtek driver. If the PHY/NIC is from Marvell, then it would be decided from Marvell driver.

Orin Nano 8GB devkit is using Realtek phy and their driver reads the mac address from the efuse memory on the phy. They don’t read from the eeprom.

So studying eeprom won’t fix your issue. Your direction seems to be wrong.

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