Jetson getting burned with abrupt shutdown

I’m facing this issue for past 1 month and I have burned 3 jetsons. This happens when I just remove the power plug or switch of the power button without doing proper shutdown using command or user interface. So I think doing graceful shutdown for jetson is important but practically it is impossible because I’m using jetson on prototype machine so it is impossible for us to remotely login every time to shutdown jetson gracefully because machines are suppose to be shutdown abruptly all the time. So please if you could give me reason why jetson is behaving like why it needs to be shutdown gracefully.

It is not common that such action will cause Jetson burned. Is it devkit or custom design board? Is the module placed on carrier tight enough? If it is custom board, you may need to check its power supply design first.

Dev kit as it comes.

Swapped a new module on the same carrier board(by NVIDIA) and it works fine but the module that came with the board, doesn’t respond now

No idea on this. Is the module placed on carrier tight enough during test? Maybe it is related to the power supply or devkit install/setup during operation. You can run RMA for the failed module if necessary.

Any instruction on running RMA would be appreciated as the module isn’t responding at all.

Here are the process of RMA: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

FYI, I would expect filesystem corruption. If by “burned” you mean hardware failure, I suggest putting it on a surge protector.

Can you please recommend any industrial level surge protector to use with it.

I don’t have any kind of industrial advice per se. Does it use an ordinary wall power adapter? If so, then a “good” wall adapter (one with enough joules…I can’t say how much that is, but more is better) surge protector is plenty. If it is something else, then you probably need a custom setup.

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