Jetson Grinch HDCP Help

Hello all, I am sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else in the forums, I have searched but it has not been very fruitful. I would typically be available to do more thorough digging to find my answer/solution but this is for a senior capstone project and this is not under my portion of the project and I need to continue working on my coding portion, haha. So I thank any of you for any help or advice you offer, it would mean the world to me.

So I am interested in getting a small 7" HDMI display for my Jetson that is running the Grinch distro. Currently, I am looking at one from adafruit… this one ( but I have noticed that it mentions it is does not have HDCP. So I am worried that this would not work with the Jetson L4T v19 with Grinch. If my worry is valid… Is there any way of easily disabling the HDCP on the Jetson either on an already flashed kernel or by changing some paramters before reflashing?

If someone could suggest some other 7" hdmi display that does include HDCP that would work too.

You could use hdmi-to-vga cable to connect Jetson to the PC monitor.

I don’t think HDCP monitor is a requirement.