Jetson hardware for OCR

Hi, I want to create realtime OCR using python and paddle OCR for recognition. I’ve tried on Google Colabs for text recognition and now I want to implement it in real device Nvidia Jetson. This is the ocr requirement:

  1. Real time OCR for moving object.
  2. Use 4 cameras (Keyence) connected to Jetson or PLC. All camera will capture for 4 sides object and then do OCR to get the text on 4 sides.

Do I need Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier? Or is Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX enough to do that?


Welcome to the forums! I am moving this topic to the Jetson section for better visibility.


That depends on your performance requirement, you can refer to the Technical Specifications at Jetson Modules | NVIDIA Developer to find the suitable one. You can also find those projects sharing at Latest Jetson & Embedded Systems/Jetson Projects topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums to see if can find the reference.

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