Jetson HDMI Audio Limitations ?


I have been looking for information on the audio codec that the jetson uses but could no find anything other than the jetson reference manual.

Does anyone know if this chip supports 5.1/7.1 over HDMI or even a HDMI pass-through mode ?

Thanks In Advance

I have an interest in audio, so quite a while back I tried to find more information on the Realtek audio CODEC, but was unable to. I don’t remember where I found it, but there was the implication that this Intel HDA on Jetson could handle 8 channels (7.1) without modification if the physical connection could handle it.

There is a Tegra K1 TRM which is more recent than the one that came out when Jetson started shipping (same version name but “v02p” in title) I’m looking at now, and this has an audio section mentioning ACIF registers; the one I am looking at now shows 10 channels, so it looks like the audio hub modules actually support 10 channels (I think Intel HD Audio requires support of two channels, and allows up to 99 channels).

As for HDMI I have no idea what is supported under Jetson…the rest of the hardware is certainly capable of 7.1. Being that the manual I’m looking at is for the Tegra K1, and does not take into account the surrounding Jetson board/pm375, it’s hard to say. Does anyone know what HDMI version Jetson supports? This would be the acid test.

It supports HDMI 1.4b.
For audio over HdMI the Realtek audio CODEC won’t be involved at all. The Realtek CODEC used is not like a typical Realtek CODEC found in PCs. The one used uses a different interface/control bus than the PC audio CODECs. To get an idea of what the CODEC is capable of look at the Realtek consumer audio I2S CODECs to get an idea of the capabilities and registers.

So i’m guessing pass through should just be set up following this guide ?


Or use alsa

Hi Apache14,

Yes passthrough will work with that giude you mentioned above.