Jetson headless

Hi there, it’s the first time when I’ll be using Jetson Nano in headless mode. I doubt whether I’ll be able to bring back Jetson Nano from a headless to a non-headless state. Kindly guide me what are the things I need to be aware of before going headless. And how do I bring back the jetson from a headless state?

What do you mean with bring back from a headless state?

Currently, I’ve connected a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the board. By ‘bringing back from a headless state’ I mean whether I would be able to use the Jetson Nano in the current setup after using it as an edge device for a machine.

I don’t see how this could be a problem.

Are there any steps needed to follow to get it back to the normal mode from the headless mode? And will the steps be the same for Orin Nano ?



There is a .sh file that is being run on booting on Jetson Nano in headless mode. How do I prevent that from happening while running the board back on in the normal mode?

What file you are talking about?