Jetson housing


I want to place Jetson outside. What housing would you recommend? Are there any solutions where I can place one-board computer and it will maintain suitable environment regardless of outside temperature, humidity, dustines, …?


Hi Mikina

Please note that our long term storage spec is as 18C ~ 30C @ 30% ~ 70%RH.
We are preparing a reliability report which contains humidity information. It will be published in the next few weeks.

This is the spec reference for you to design the housing to place it outside.


@kayccc - The range 18-30C is incredibly narrow and would never be acceptable for an outdoor product. Are you sure this is correct? In most of the US the nightly low temperature is < 18C most nights. In the south and west the daily high temp is above 30C every day for months at a time.

An outdoor camera would typically be rated more like -30 to +60C. Please see for an example.

The spec sheet says -25C to 85C operating temperature but doesn’t list humidity. I think kayccc is referring to powered off long term storage.

there was a small printed quick start guide that came with my jetson and it lists an ambient operating temperature range of min 0C and a maximum of 50C as “recommended operating conditions”

Hi sperok,

I thought you should check the module datasheet already, so I replied with the info that are not listed.
The recommended operating conditions are provided at module datasheet doc, you can find -25C to 85C operating temperature and -40C to 80C Storage Temperature from Physical / Electrical Characteristics
section, but no humidity info yet.

And, thanks for the supplementary explanation by AlexP312 and dkryder, it does help.