Jetson in Space Applications

Hello there, I’m currently making an assessment for my company to find out if Jetson TX2 would be a viable option for a Payload Computer in a satellite.

I understand that the device as is is not qualified for space, still I’m wondering if there’s any kind of heritage relating Jetson devices in space environments. I’m also evaluating if there’s any kind of setup or testing to be done in order to make it safe to use in space.

FYI we’re talking about a Low Earth Orbit (below 1000km) where the satellite will be sheltered from radiation effects by the Van Hallen belt, suffice to say it’s a controlled environment, and the conditions won’t be too harsh.

Does anyone has knowledge on possible screening or environmental testing / setups to use when using the device in such conditions?

Thank you and best regards

Hi Gabriel, as you mentioned Jetson is not rad-hardened in any way or qualified for space, however you may want to contact ecosystem partner AiTech about it who have done some testing:

Thank you very much for your response, I’ll follow your advice. Best regards