Jetson-inference build from source


probably a dumb question but I am trying to install jetson-inference building it from source from the github repository, do I also have to install jetson-utils from the other repo to use the functionality or does it get installed alongside jetson-inference?

Specifically, I am trying to reproduce the “image manipulation with cuda” section to try out the functions cudaOverlay, cudaDrawRect etc…

I can import jetson_utils from python but I cannot use any of these functions as it gives me an error stating they don’t exist…

I have followed the instructions to build from source on the xavier nx devkit with the latest jetpack

any idea what I’m doing wrong?


it works if I import jetson.inference and then jetson_inference
no idea why …

Hi @usuario1333, jetson-utils automatically gets built/installed when you install jetson-inference, because it’s a submodule of jetson-inference (in the jetson-inference/utils directory)

Did you run sudo make install after compiling jetson-inference? I’m able to use the jetson_utils functions here with Python3, like your in your screenshot (but without the errors)

Hello dusty_nv,

thank you for your answer, I think I fixed it the problem was that there was another jetson.inference under /home/user/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/, now it is all correctly installed in /usr (after the sudo make install you mentioned) and everything works as intended in the tutorial (except the tutorial still makes reference to the old jetson.utils/jetson.inference but no big deal).

by the way, are you the same person that owns the repo? If you are amazing work man! and thanks for everything!


OK yes, I have been meaning to update the documentation, sorry about that - in the meantime, the previous import jetson.inference way still works. Happy to help, and glad that you have found it useful!

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