Jetson-Inference - location of video files after recording them with video-viewer

I have been following the tutorial by Dusty on Jetson-inference and running the docker container on jetson-nano (4GB) - Jetpack 4.5.1.

I understand that the video-viewer application used to test the camera can also record video to a file.

I have tried to record a video file and playback using the following command and it works fine;

Recording → video-viewer --input-flip=rotate-180 csi://0 test.mp4 Playback --> video-viewer test.mp4

However, i could not locate the mp4 video file.

When i shutdown the container and restart the container again, i discovered that i could not playback again and seems like the video file is lost.

May i ask whether this is normal ? Can the video-viewer be used to playback other video files not recorded by the video-viewer application. If Yes, then where should i locate the video file (which folder) ?

Hi @Benjamin_Lim,

This forum talks more about updates and issues related to TensorRT. We request you to post your concern in related forum.

Thank you.

Apologies for that. just noticed that i have post it under TensorRT which is not related.

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