Jetson-io does not work on L4T 32.5.1

Hi! I have troubles starting jetson-io to configure the 40-pin header. It was working before I upgraded to L4T 32.5.1. When i start jetson-io, the screen flashes for a bout 1 sec (where I can sort off see the app building up) and then exits. I started jetson-io with the command to get the error message, which returned the following:

findfs: unable to resolve ‘PARTLABEL=APP’
[?1049h[22;0;0t[1;55r(B[m[4l[?7h[?1h=[39;49m[39;49m[37m[40m[H[2J =================== Jetson Expansion Header Tool =================== |[3;71H| |[4;71H| |[5;71H| |[6;71H| |[7;71H| |[8;71H| |[9;71H| |[10;71H| |[11;71H| |[12;71H| |[13;71H| |[14;71H| |[15;71H| |[16;71H| |[17;71H| |[18;71H| |[19;71H| |[20;71H| |[21;71H| |[22;71H| |[23;71H| |[24;71H| |[25;71H| |[26;71H| |[27;71H| |[28;71H| |[29;71H| |[30;71H| |[31;71H| |[32;71H| |[33;71H| |[34;71H| |[35;71H| |[36;71H| |[37;71H| |[38;71H| ====================================================================[2;52H[9;31HFATAL ERROR! | Command ‘findfs PARTLABEL=“APP”’ returned non-zero exit status 1.[15;24HPress any key to terminate[?1l>[39;49m[40d[K[40;1H[?1049l[23;0;0t[?1l>jetson@jetson:/boot/dtb$

Not quite sure what to make from this. Does this mean that I cannot run jetson-io because I am booting from SSD and findfs gets confused by this?

Any help welcome…


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Use parted or gparted to set the name of the partition that contains your /boot directory to APP.
Not the filesystem label, but the partition name.

For parted, assuming the device that contains the /boot partition is /dev/sda1…

$ sudo parted /dev/sda name 1 APP
## Verify
$ blkid /dev/sda1

You don’t even have to reboot.
Don’t forget, substitute sda1 with your correct device.


Hi gtj

Thanks for the that! findfs is now resolving properly. But, well, what can I say:

jetson@jetson:~ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ | tr -d '[:cntrl:]' [?1049h[22;0;0t[1;55r(B[m[4l[?7h[?1h=[39;49m[39;49m[37m[40m[H[2J =================== Jetson Expansion Header Tool =================== |[3;71H| |[4;71H| |[5;71H| |[6;71H| |[7;71H| |[8;71H| |[9;71H| |[10;71H| |[11;71H| |[12;71H| |[13;71H| |[14;71H| |[15;71H| |[16;71H| |[17;71H| |[18;71H| |[19;71H| |[20;71H| |[21;71H| |[22;71H| |[23;71H| |[24;71H| |[25;71H| |[26;71H| |[27;71H| |[28;71H| |[29;71H| |[30;71H| |[31;71H| |[32;71H| |[33;71H| |[34;71H| |[35;71H| |[36;71H| |[37;71H| |[38;71H| ====================================================================[2;52H[9;31HFATAL ERROR![12;8HMultiple DTBs found for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit![15;24HPress any key to terminate[?1l>[39;49m[40d[K[40;1H[?1049l[23;0;0t[?1l>jetson@jetson:~

I’ll play around a bit to figure out the next issue. If you have any advice, very welcome!


That’s the file system label, not the partition label.

You should see something like this…

/dev/sda1:  UUID="bfe66c8e-fc51-4c17-b851-29cc014c057a" BLOCK_SIZE="4096" TYPE="ext4" PARTLABEL="APP" PARTUUID="6700fba9-aefd-4d2d-aeb7-bea5c2f14a9a"

Did you run the parted command?

Yes, I ran the command. Second time around, it worked (guess I made some mistake)…Now I am stuck on multiple DTBs…Geez… =)

Yep, been there. :)
If you move all of the dtbs out of the /boot directory except the base one (either tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-b00.dtb or tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-a02.dtb) it should work. Leave all the dtbo files of course.

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Hi gtj

I removed all dtb files except: kernel_tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-b00.dtb
Had 3 more in there for a fix for L4T 32.3, which I ran before…Anyways, jetson-io works now! awesome!
Thanks a ton for the help!!!


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It works! Thank you so much!