Jetson.IO tool on 32.2?

I’m looking to use the Jetson.IO tool that’s included in 32.3 to configure the dev kit 40-pin header.

However, I’m currently locked to 32.2 because I’m using BalenaOS ( and their latest image only includes 32.2.

Is there a way to manually install a standalone Jetson.IO tool on 32.2? Or perhaps I can upgrade/install a 32.3 board support package?


The tool is from r32.3 and cannot be applied on r32.2. For r32.2, please check the document:

Dane, can you elaborate any further as to why the tool can’t work on 32.2?


It is newly implemented tool for r32.3 release and we don’t have plan to port it to r32.2. For using r32.2, please check the document:

If you hit issues in following the document, please feel free to report it so that we can suggest next. Thanks.