Jetson IoT core functionality app


We would like to build a product for an enterprise client(s) based on the Jetson board. The product includes a camera with some local real-time computation connected to a central server for management and other purposes.

Since the boards are distributed and high in numbers (potentially hundreds per site) we need a compete management solution for the board including remote updates, landing page, REST api, cyber secured etc. Then we can focus on implementing only the unique functionality of our product.

I was wondering if there’s a core software or paid service that provides the base functionality needed for a typical IoT device implemented on Jetson. Maybe I’m wrong but I assume this could be a common requirement…


I would look into node management systems similar to Canonical’s paid “Landscape” service. A quick search suggests open-source alternatives: foreman, Puppet, and Spacewalk. They are designed for managing server nodes, but I suspect managing multiple IoT nodes will benefit from the same system structure.

Update: since Caffe samples are compiled in Python, you could also try Jupyter for each node’s local WebUI. I set that up on my JTX1 yesterday.



Has the client side been written already for the Jetson that works with Google IoT Cloud (or any other IoT Cloud) for device management and monitoring.

Regards, H