Jetson is unable to enter the initial interface and the display keeps flickering


I want to download QT on Jetson a few days ago.However, it can not enter the initial interface after I booted the Jetson now.And the display keeps flickering.

Some people think its storage was full.Thus, I decide to use my DELL PC to delete some files through serial communication(USB interface).

But my DELL PC shows that other devices need to update the driver after I connect the Jetson to my PC with a USB cable.

I try to update the driver with many common ways and it could not help solve the problem.

So how can I solve this problem?


Jetson Xavier VX

Operating System + Version: Windows 10 21H2
Python Version (if applicable): None
TensorFlow Version (if applicable): None
PyTorch Version (if applicable): None
Baremetal or Container (if container which image + tag): None

Relevant Files

my display:
Jetson闪屏视频.mp4.mkv (10.6 MB)

Not really sure what have been installed/updated on device to cause this problem, suggest to reflash your device again. Thanks

Thank you for your reply!
OK.I try to reflash my device again.

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