Jetson J1010 Flasing Issue?

I am trying to flash Jetson Nano J1010 using SDK Manager on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. But I can not find any jumper, so that I can put the device in recovery mode for Flash?

Apart from that, when I tried to connect the Jetson Nano J1010 using PC for Installation. SDK manager not detecting the device and the reason which I think is because Jetson Nano is not in recovery mode.

  1. We don’t know what is J1010. If that is a custom board from specific vendor, please check with the board vendor how to flash that board.

  2. Ubuntu 20.04 cannot flash jetson nano. As listed in this table. Mentioned in this website.

  1. If your board is still able to boot into linux, then you can use command to let to enter recovery mode. However, if it cannot, then you need to find a jumper to do that. So please let us know if it still can boot or not.

Yes J1010 is Recomputer from SeeedStudio!

But I can see the option to flash Jetson Nano of SDK manager in Ubuntu 20.04.

Which command can I use to go to recovery mode on Jetson Nano through the Linux system? At the moment I don’t have any power jumper.

please run

sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

What If a Linux machine with the lsusb command not showing any Nvidia device connected?

  1. Make sure your board is really in recovery mode. You can use serial console to tell it. When the board is in RCM, it is basically brick. You won’t see any log and it will not respond to you in serial console.

  2. Make sure you are using the correct flash port.

  3. Make sure your usb cable really has data line.

  4. Make sure your host is not a VM.

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Sure, I will try and let you know If I will face issue again! Thanks

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