Jetson kernel and librealsense with L4T 32.2.0 (JetPack 4.2), can't install

Hello, I have just started working with Jetson TX2. I tried to install librealsense, and jetson kernel from repository but I got some errors, which say I should use L4T 28 and not 32. Would you advice me if there is anyway I can use them with this current version of L4T 32 or I need to install older version (I installed JetPack 4.2). Thank you.

I tried to Install JetPack 3.1 and 3.2, but I got an error during installation of both both of them. The error is as follows: E: Failed to fetch file:/var/visionworks-repo/./libvisionworks-samples_1.6.0.500n_amd64.deb Hash Sum mismatch