Jetson L4T - next release package

The latest release package from Nvidia for Jetson is L4T 21.4. Is there any plan for next/future release (Like 21.5 will be released end of this year or something like that)


What specifically are you hoping to find in a version 21.5? The only thing I would really care about is a bump in the kernel version to something non-ancient (4.x instead of 3.10). But I think it far more likely that Jetson is being orphaned. It’s a real shame, as I wanted to try out the great GPU features, but my other hardware requires a recent kernel.

Hello mark999,

I am expecting two things in the Jetson future BSP release

  1. Kernel version upgrade
  2. Fair usage of device tree

We can see in the BSP that most of the machine related data (platform devices and platform data) are specified in the board file rather than in the device tree (say, information about audio codec, an I2C device). It would be good to have all those information supplied in the device tree in the future release (which is why device tree is introduced in the kernel concept).