Jetson Linux mmap

Hello everyone,
We have a nvidia Jetson with linux installed, and we cant seem to be able to do any mmap.
When we try to use the mmap the whole system fails completly and the only way to do anything is to reboot it.
Is is possible to do mmap with this developper kit ?
Thanks in advance to everyone who reads and/or answers this.

could you extend what is mmap?

I haven’t actually tried to mmap on this release (so I can’t really give a complete answer…you might mention if this is L4T R32.1…see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), but you probably need to say if you are doing so in kernel space or user space, and the size of the shared memory map. Keep in mind that sometimes memory space is randomized (for security) and that as the size of a map goes up the chances of the space actually being fragmented (the physical addresses behind any virtual memory mapping) increases. It could be that if your code relies on contiguous memory, then you would get failures. See:

One common place for fragmented (randomized) memory to fail is when mapping device I/O.

You would also want to include a simple code sample to reproduce this before anyone could answer.