Jetson Mate problem


Not sure if it is a right place to post Jetson Mate, but I have a question about SDK manager and kubertnetes. (I can’t find forum in seedstudio…)

  1. Can I install SDK component NOT from SDK manager? Alone without a host computer? Thx
  2. Is eMMC 16Gb too small for clustering? No space for me during installation. Has anyone done it before?
  3. Does jetpack 4.51 and 4.6 affect the kubertnetes installation. (Coz I just did the 4.61 and there is a problem with port 10248, trying 4.51 now)

When I trying to create a cluster using jetson mate, Jetson Mate - Seeed Wiki
there is error during
sudo kubeadm init --pod-network-cidr=

Here is my trial of the jetson Mate this week

  1. flash NX 16G eMMc module, not enough space for kubertnetes.
  2. use a nano with SD (OS within), cannot install SDK component through SDK manager
  3. flash the nano with SD card (OS and SDK), tried two days after many trial and it works finally (after install sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils). But the kubertnetes initialization fails.

If anyone has successfully created the cluster. Please let me know. I have two NX (eMMc 16G) sitting on my desk doing nothing. :<

Hi AK51,

You can use below command to install SDK components by manually:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

For eMMC Nano or Xavier-NX, suggest you can use NVMe SSD, there are more space can use.
Please reference this topic for how boot from external drive: Boot from external drive

We have no experience for this jetson mate design. Please contact the vendor for help.

It is working using k3. Cheers.
After lots of googling, I found out the jetson mate wiki page is too old for 4.51(rev 1)
For people who struggle with the cluster
Follow this link

Also, I can stack several 2Gb nano and do the same things. Cheers.

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