Jetson namo EMMC modules out of spec

Jetson nano EMMC modules of batch with S/N: 1424621045747 or S/N:1424621046860 do not boot below 0 degrees celsius on same carrier boards and firmware as module S/N1423219015867 and other modules of similar S/N’s. Faulty batch does not even output anything over hardware serial outputs below 0 degrees celsius when they are trying to boot. All of the software and hardware is the same on all of the modules we have tested, and the modules of mentioned S/N’s and from all of that shippment do not function as expected.

1424621045747 or S/N:1424621046860 do not boot below 0 degrees.
Will these 2 modules boot OK when go back to room temperature?
Better try to find out why these 2 modules boot fail, any power failrue? Boot current hang at fixed number or drop to zero? Does these 2 module in recovery mode?

one of them boots at around -8c and other around 0c. They work perfectly fine in room temp and NO they are NOT in recovery mode. As i said, we tested same software and same (our custom) carrier boards with MANY modules and modules from different shippment work ok OK. But this batch does not boot in 0c and -8c Tj PLL. 3 employees spend 3 weeks making sure its not our carrier board and not our software doing double blind experiments and we can 100% confirm its the modules from that batch fault. More than 2 modules from that shippment are acting the same. We either need a hotfix or replacements because they aren’t working as stated in the datasheet. We obviously tested power rails and power enable pins with scope and everything. Also always logged serial.

Hi, it looks like module issue per your info. If possible, can you test the issue module with devkit carrier? If same result still, you can run RMA for them.

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